Is Masonry for You?

Is Masonry for You?

So You Want To Become A Mason?

Herein lies all the information you need to become a Mason.  There are very few requirements, but our order mandates you qualify with some basic prerequisites before advancing to become a Master Mason.  Under this link Is Masonry for You? above, in the sub-menus in numbered order, are all the recommended reading you will need to understand what a Mason is and what is required of you to become a Mason in Florida, and our Lodge.

Each of us, that have gone before you, were likewise required to read and understand these same milestones as was deemed necessary for our own journey.  Please take the time to read this fully, and ask questions if you need clarification. Utilize the “Contact Us” menu above for further information.

This is one of the most important journeys you will undertake in your travel to become a member of the Masonic Fraternity.  Good Luck, and Best Wishes for your safe travel in

“Seeking Further Light!”