From the East September 2018

September 1, 2018

From the East…


It’s hard to believe we’re into September already.  Hopefully some cooler weather will follow on its heels.  I’ve believe I’ve sweat enough this past month to make Lake Apopka overflow it’s banks!

Our District Deputy Grand Master will be making his official visit to our Lodge on Tuesday, September 4th.  I’d like to invite all our members to attend Lodge that evening and show our support for Right Worshipful Ryan W. Kilmartin.  I’ve been honored to serve as District Committeemen for FA-100 this year and it’s been a pleasure traveling with him throughout the District.  Speaking of which, if anyone would like to purchase a Grand Master’s tie, I still have some available.  THEY’RE ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!! (FOR A DONATION OF JUST $50 TO FA-100).  It’s always important to read the fine print. 

In case you didn’t notice, we made the front page of the Apopka Planter last month.  The August 23rd issue included a photo of Brother John Christie and myself presenting a 60-year service pin to Bro. William R. McGuffin.  We had a nice visit with Brother McGuffin at Wellsprings Assisted Living Facility and learned that he was a previous owner of the Apopka Planter/Apopka Chief.  His son was there for the presentation and took the photo.

Our Lodge Property Committee has begun meeting regularly in order to formulate a plan of action to address Lodge beautification.  First on the priority list is repairing any rotten wood on the Lodge exterior; second on the list is painting the exterior of the Lodge building and the annex.  In light of the coming City Center project across the street, we need to take some steps to make our property more visually appealing.  As you come up the hill into downtown Apopka, our Lodge is one of the first things you see.  Unfortunately we’ve allowed it to be somewhat of an eyesore.  It’s time we take pride in Orange Lodge and make it the “historical gem” of our community that it deserves to be.

As always, I’d like to invite any members who have not made it out to Lodge in a while to come check us out.  Good things are happening at Orange Lodge 36 and I would encourage you to be a part of it.


Reg Lyle, W؞M؞