A Message From Our New W.M. – Reginald Lyle

Well, brethren, it has certainly been an inauspicious start to my year in the East.  I was really looking forward to my first meeting as Worshipful Master, but the Flu had other plans; nonetheless, I understand our officers did just fine without me, which is the mark of a good officer line.  I owe a debt of gratitude to our Brother Senior Warden who stepped right up to the plate to run the meeting and to R؞H؞ Van Pelt, who was kind enough to offer his gentle assistance. “Team George” saved the day!  Also,  I understand I missed out on a great Lodge birthday cake, courtesy of Jessica Higgins, wife of our Brother Junior Warden.  She did a spectacular job, judging from the photo on Facebook.  Very creative!  Happy 162nd birthday to Orange Lodge 36!  Hope I’m around to see what the next 162 years holds.

I have some interesting Masonic Education programs planned for the year and would invite our members to attend a Lodge meeting and check us out, especially if you haven’t made it out in a while.  There is a lot of good camaraderie within the brotherhood and some good things are happening around your Lodge.  Our meetings aren’t just business.  In my experience the majority of brothers join the fraternity for three main reasons – the esoteric aspect, the focus on charitable work, and the brotherhood.  Interestingly enough, no brother I’ve ever spoken to told me that he joined Masonry so he could attend business meetings.  With that in mind, the Masonic Education programs planned for the year will address the esoteric aspect; we are involved in a number of charitable projects in our community and are always interested in doing more; and, the “band of brothers” currently attending Lodge meetings (and those new petitioners as well as EA/FC brothers who are already getting involved) are building a strong bond built on peace, harmony and brotherly love.  I invite you to come on out and be a part of all the good things that are taking place at Orange Lodge 36!



Reginald Lyle, WM

Orange Lodge 36