GM’s Discourse : As Brothers we are Charged…

Volume 3, Issue 11 January 23, 2013
“As Brothers we are charged”
Dear Brothers:
We have just ushered in a New Year and I hope that all your dreams and expectations do come true. With the New Year there is a lot of buzz going around. Excitement in our Lodges as new leadership will be taking over the reins of the Lodge and hopefully they will have a plan to succeed.
This annual occurrence renews our commitment to our Lodges but more importantly it should renew our dedication and cooperation to our Lodge Officers which will be representing and leading us into a greater tomorrow.
My Brothers, we have elected a group of Brothers to lead us into the future and hopefully they have done their homework, created a plan, have communicated that plan to you the Craft and now we as Brothers must pitch in and help them execute those plans in order to move our Fraternity and more especially our Particular Lodge forward.
It is impossible for the twelve Brothers that have been Elected and Appointed to do all the work themselves, we are a Band of Brothers and as such we need to step up to the challenge and assure them the success they have envisioned that we may all benefit from by having a Lodge that can get things accomplished regardless of how large or small, difficult or easy a project may be. We are dedicated to excellence and as such we can overcome any obstacle if we work smart and together, more especially if we act as one.
Remember the charge to the Brothers that was delivered at the Installation of the Lodge Officers read it again if you will and you will see that you to have obligations to meet as a member of your Particular Lodge.
My Brethren, such is the nature of our Constitution that as some must of necessity rule and teach, so others must, of course, learn to submit and obey. Humility, in both, is an essential duty. The Officers who are elected and/or appointed to govern your Lodge are sufficiently conversant with the rules of propriety and the laws of the institution, to avoid exceeding the powers with which they are entrusted; and you are of too generous dispositions to envy their preferment. I, therefore, trust that you will have but one aim, to please each other, and unite in the grand design of being happy and communicating happiness.
Finally, my Brethren, as this association has been formed and perfected in so much union and harmony, in which we greatly rejoice, so may it long continue. May you long enjoy every satisfaction and delight which disinterested friendship can afford. May kindness and brotherly affection distinguish your conduct, as men and as Masons. Within your peaceful walls, may your children’s children celebrate with joy and gratitude the annual recurrence of this inspiring occasion. And may the tenets of our profession be transmitted through your Lodge, pure and unimpaired, from generation to generation.

In the first paragraph it tells us as sideliners that we must submit and obey and not to envy the leadership advancement, and being happy in our own situation we can spread happiness. It also tells us that our leaders are familiar with the rules and regulations in order to lead us in the right direction this is where you must be alert and understand what the rules are so that you are not being sold a bag of goods, therefore you are responsible for your own education and understanding the operation of the Lodge so you can make sure the leadership is following the laws, rules and regulations properly.
The second paragraph says we must work in union and harmony and that we must take pleasure in working together as friend and Brothers, that we need to be kind to one another and pass along to our successors the good habits and knowledge that we now possess to secure the future of our Institution.
Knowledge is the key to our success my Brothers so the one question that remains are you ready and qualified to accept your charge? Do you have the knowledge and ability to work together to assist your Lodge Officers and move your Lodge to greater heights? Remember to trust your Brothers but verify anything that you may feel is not right not with confrontation but with education and knowledge, do your homework and be ready to impart and share your knowledge with Brotherly Love and affection.
Finally remember that the Officers failure to lead and move our Lodge forward is also our failure. We are all together in this endeavor until next year’s Officers are installed and we start the cycle all over again with the same responsibilities and obligations to leave to our successors a place to be proud of and a Fraternity that has been unchanged since time immemorial.
Respectfully and Fraternally Submitted, I remain your most humble servant
Jorge L. Aladro
Grand Master
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