A New Year


Thank you for your confidence and the great honor of allowing me to serve as your Worshipful Master for the next year.  We have an exceptional line-up of highly dedicated Officers whom will be instrumental in assisting me to meet our goals in the ensuing term.

Any Master should have an agenda, and mine is four-fold.

First, we will be working to expand our membership and increase the attendance of some of our current Brothers.

Second, we are planning several new fundraisers in order to increase our Roof Fund and we plan to move ahead with even more improvements to the Lodge. We will finish the paint in the hall, stairs, and ante room. We look forward to getting the tile down in the dining hall and entrance. We have lots of touch up and repair work to do to the outside of the building as well.

Third, we will continue to strive forward in our education and degree work. Our brothers did a remarkable job last year, and I am sure that under the Leadership of our Education Chairman SW Jon Vitale, and our two talented mentors, SD Reg Lyle and JD Ricky Trapp, we will only see continued excellence. We will work diligently to maintain compliance with the requirements of Grand Lodge.

Fourth, WE will work and travel as Brothers, in unity to various Lodges and District events this year.      Every month we have a Lodge Visit planned, and in February we will start scheduling a social night out for the Ladies to join us as well.

Remember our Obligations, to our families, to our Brothers, and to Fellow mankind. We have a lot to do this year, and only united can we achieve these goals.

In a society not focused on quality but quantity, let us as a Fraternity focus on quality, in ourselves and those we call Brothers.


Fraternal regards,

Stuart D. Orgaz, Worshipful Master